Ludum Dare 40 - Greedy Dungeon

Greedy Dungeon started as a game two friends and I made in 72 hours, as part of Ludum Dare 40. I created the characters, weapons, animations, and level textures, as well as the sound FX and music for the game. Jeff Daul did the dev work and brought the actual game to life. Joel Morrison created level assets, props, and some animation.

It placed 168th out of 1,040 compo submissions. Play it here!

If you've never heard of a game jam, it is an event where you have a limited amount of time to make a game, usually based on a theme revealed at the beginning of the event. Ludum Dare 40's theme was "The more have, the worse it gets."

Our original idea for the theme, put simply, was the more gold and loot you collect, the more the enemies in the dungeon want to kill you. Unfortunately that core mechanic didn't make it into our submission by the end of the jam, so we did not rank as high in that category as we would have liked. However people really seemed to love the look and atmosphere of the game, and even though our combat was a little flawed I think people could see the direction we are going with the game and what it could be with more time.


Jeff and I will still be working on the game in our free time. It's slow but hopefully steady progress can be found here. In the future, Greedy Dungeon will be a dungeon-crawling roguelike game (random level generation and item drops, permanent death resulting in having to start over) with loot/greed based difficulty and enemies. The more gold and valuables you try to complete the dungeon with, the harder the enemies will make it to do so.